Reading Band Colours

Infant Book Bands

Band Colour Description
1 Pink  I can use pictures to tell a storyI can join in with simple repeated phrases. I can begin to predict what might happen next from the pictures and print.
2 Red  I can hear and say the initial sound in simple words. I can begin to read simple sentences
3 Yellow  I can read new words by blending the letters I know. I recognise some words that cannot be sounded out.
4 Blue  I can read words of more than one syllable.
5 Green  1 can read words such as I’m and I’ll and recognise words from letter groups I have been taught.
6 Orange  I can read a greater number of sight words and begin to spot digraphs and trigraphs within words.
7 Grey  I can read all sounds I know and decode simple words automatically.
8 Purple  I can recognise most words on sight and attempt harder sentences with less support.
9 Gold  I can recognise alternative sounds for letters or groups of letters.
10 White  I can read most words quickly and accurately, without needing to sound and blend words I have seen before.



Junior Book Bands

Colour Description
Turquoise  I can read aloud without making errors and sound out new words without long pauses.
Gold  I can use my knowledge of words I already know to help me decode new words.
Blue  I can read and decode words that do not follow spelling rules or patterns
Green  I can use my knowledge of words I already know to help me decode and understand new words and phrases.
Red  I can read aloud and understand the majority of what I am reading and discuss the book with others, justifying my opinions.
Older Reader The content and themes of books in the "Older Reader" selection is advanced -  early teen / teen - and can cover themes of  adoption, divorce, death, loss, murder, war and mental illness.



Understanding Phonics

Blending-To put the sounds of a word together in order to read it fluently.

Sight words-Words that cannot be phonetically sounded out and have to be learnt by sight.

Digraph-2 letters which make one sound such as: ai, ee, sh and oo.

Trigraph-3 letters that make one sound such as: igh, ear, ure and air.

Decode-To work out what an unknown word is by using phonics, picture clues and the story line to help.

Alternative sounds-When a sound can be spelt in more than one way for example, ai/ay or ie/igh.