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Match Report - HTFC (5) v Marshgate (4)
Dec 2nd

Firstly well done to Marshgate this being only their second game in the league, they should do well a good bunch of dad’s.

So the continued unbeaten run continues, but it was a closely contested game yesterday morning. Again we had no subs and we was missing some key players, the squad we did have was nursing hangovers and colds. But we did really well all things considering, and dug deep when it was needed in this very close encounter.

Richie Jones opened the account with a cracker some 30 yards out on a very slippery, fast astro pitch, which the keeper just couldn’t keep his hands on. This gave us the boost we needed to calm our nerves. We seemed to boss the game early in, releasing Carl 'lone ranger' Thomas who kept his passion to playing and went to knock in 2 more solid goals in succession, especially the second with a great tight angle left footed shot - bang! this gave us a 3-0 lead and we thought we were plain sailing going into half time, but oh how wrong we was. 

As we came out in the second half with a solid plan of keeping the ball and holding the game up, an innocuous hand ball in our area gave Marshgate the chance to get back in it early, and they didn’t waste that opportunity placing to Damien’s left with ease. We we’re rocked by this, it seems to be a problem with us when the opposition scores and we lost our shape and against play Richard T from Marshgate got them another goal making it 3-2. We could really sense they were coming back strong and wanted to get back in the game. Fortunately out of nowhere Jak B slotted home from a corner to give us 4-2 lead.

We then changed tactics at this point and brought Damian out of goal replacing him with Jak so we could hold down the midfield where we had a big gap and they was winning the game in. Marshgate pounced on this immediately from a free kick outside the box, which was driven straight at Jak who had virtually just got his gloves on, along with the taunt of ‘come on then, come and test me’ and they did, pouncing on a dropped catch and BAM! 4-3

Marshgate’s tails were up and wagging now and they dominated the midfield and danced our defence. We had do something and all we could do was dig deep and put in some tough challenges to keep in it. And who stood up and got us a goal against play, Richie Jones for number 2 of the game. At this point we we’re back in our stride and was holding the game with 5 minutes to go. But it didn’t stop there, oh no a big hand ball shout from Holy Trinity in their penalty area was laughed off by Dragan the ref, and with virtually the whole team in the box the broke to our end with no defence to hold em off and Yunus Oelcer made it 5-4!

But with some good tactics from Carl and Guido, we held the ball in the corners for the last couple of minutes to see the whistle blow. A good tough worked out win, the kind of win league champions grind out.

1st half 3 - 0
Rich Jones – HT (1-0)
Carl Thomas – HT (2-0)
Carl Thomas – HT (3-0)
Second half:
Yunus Oelcer (penalty) – MA (3-1)
Richard Tufano – MA (3-2)
Jak Beula - HT (4-2)
Richard Tufano – MA (4-3)
Rich Jones – HT (5-3)
Yunus Oelcer – MA (5-4)
Final Score 5 - 4

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