Dear Parents/Carers  

It has been lovely to welcome year 5 back into school this week. We are in the process of inviting every child in years 2, 3 and 4 to spend one day in school before the summer holiday.  

Another local school, who have also been separating their pupils into groups/bubbles in were made aware that children from different groups/bubbles had been socialising beyond school. One of the children turned up at school with a temperature and because of the socialising, all of that year group had to be sent home for the children to be tested for coronavirus. Quite rightly, the head teacher felt that all the hard work done in school is wasted if social distancing between the group/bubbles is not maintained beyond school. We would therefore ask you to be mindful of this. The local authority have also asked us to share this guidance with you Staying safe outside your home . 

As you will be aware, the rules around quarantine on arrival into the UK are unclear and likely to be variable depending on the R rate in any particular country. I wanted to remind everyone that if you intend to take a holiday abroad during the six week summer holiday, that you may need to arrive back in England by 19th August in order to complete the 14 day quarantine prior to the first day of term in September. 

Many of you may have heard via the individual teachers but I wanted to share the abundance of lovely news with all of you. Three of our teachers are pregnant – Hollie Dewale and Laura Griffiths both from year 2 and Zoe Neal from Reception – with due dates ranging from August to October. I am sure you will want to join me in wishing them well.

Do look out for information that will be coming your way shortly about our Virtual Sports Day in the absence of the usual one. This, we hope, will enable the whole school to win points for their respective house whether at home or in school. Thank you for organising this Mr Callaghan!

This is the week we had marked out in our school calendar to celebrate the school’s 150th Anniversary. It is amazing to think that children have been educated at Holy Trinity for 150 years. The JLT had some great ideas of things we were going to do to celebrate this landmark event which sadly have not come to fruition because of the current situation. We were also due to have a visit from our local MP and the Bishop of Southwark.The school was set up by Holy Trinity Church so the land and most of the buildings belong to the Diocese. Somewhere there will be a Trust Deed, maybe written on a velum scroll, that sets out the purpose for which the school was founded. Whilst many things will have changed quite dramatically during the last 150 years, the overall purpose of Church schools has not as they still aim to serve their community by providing education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. I think, 150 years on, Holy Trinity does a great job of that.Here are some newspaper clips of the school’s celebrations in 1970 when it celebrated its 100th Anniversary.          

Do take a look at some of this week’s lovely learning from around school…….. Nursery  Rainbow class made some new recipe cards in the mud kitchen. Here is Captain Edith ready to find some treasure on a Google Meet treasure hunt game. In phonics circle times, children made 'Rhyming Silly Soup' - Grace found lots of lovely rhyming objects. Her soup looked delicious - but a little bit lumpy! The children also collected natural objects and froze them to create magical frozen fairy wands! The children had to find their initial sound and put it inside and then count how many objects they had collected. Once the wands were frozen they loved dancing with them and creating magic spells!

Reception Misaki became a pirate for the day and made a brilliant treasure map and Tom has written a wonderful story.   Johnny showed his wonderful creative skills to paint a firefighters truck – he added all the tools a firefighter might need. The children have been enjoying the mud kitchen - Isaac, Oliver and Tabitha made a potion and found objects from nature to put in it. George used some new digging tools to try to get to the "core of the earth".  

Year 1 After watching the Duchess of Cambridge’s assembly on kindness, children made posters to show in which people demonstrated kindness to one another. Noah (Penguins)                                     Mila (Dolphins)           Jasper (Dolphins)                                            George showing us his artwork     Lucija’s: What do plants need?     Science at the Sury Ghobadzadeh household. Jasper’s ‘Beside the Seaside’ collage. George painting pasta for the ‘100 String’ maths week challenge and Dolphins showing the finished item.

Year 2 Jennah from Lions researched Steve Jobs when comparing inventors in History.

Year 3 Jules working very hard on his tangrams; Charlotte working hard in her tent in the garden and Alfie found a quiet place to do his reading!

Year 4 Esme from owls created a food chain.

Year 5 Amy made a Greek Scroll.

Wellbeing Wednesday I hope you enjoyed Wellbeing Wednesday as much at home as those in school did. There were so many amazing ideas to try.Forest School – Group 1.  Staff Some of the staff have been enjoying the sunshine and practising their skipping!

Chaplain's Corner I really enjoyed visiting Year 6 this week and taking part in the preparation work that they have been doing around transition and preparing to move from Year 6 to Year 7. We discussed a number of topics and thought about some key areas for them to focus on that would help them settle into their new schools. It struck me how lockdown has helped to build their resilience to change and adapt to new situations they face. All of this will help as they make new friends, meet new teachers and come across new challenges in their new schools. Prayer: Loving God, let us be strong as we prepare to meet new people in new places. Make us brave when we are worried, show us how to learn from everyone around us, and help us to do our very best. Amen. Tom Rutter