School Awards

School Awards



Ofsted Outstanding

In July 2015 Ofsted recognised Holy Trinity as an 'outstanding school'. Inspectors stated that "Achievement is outstanding because pupils make exceptional progress throughout the school", and "Pupils' behaviour is impeccable. Their extremely positive attitudes to learning have a strong impact on the progress they make."


Governor Mark

Governor Mark.   This is a challenging award. Not only does a governing body need to show that it follows good procedures and fulfils statutory duties, but there is a high value placed on evidence of impact – the difference the governing body makes to a school.  It shows that we are achieving sustainable excellence in school governance.


Primary Science Quality Mark

Jane Turner, PSQM National Director said: “Gaining a Primary Science Quality Award is a significant achievement for a school.  The profile and quality of science teaching and learning in each awarded school is very high. Children are engaging with great science both in and outside the classroom, developing positive attitudes towards science as well as secure science understanding and skills. Science subject leaders, their colleagues, head teachers, children, parents and governors should be very proud.”


Food for Life Partnership

We have been awarded the Food for Life Partnership Silver for our healthy and climate-friendly food culture and are now working on achieving the Gold award! We are the first school in the borough / local authority to achieve their silver award! As part of the Silver award scheme we serve seasonal school meals, 75% of which are freshly prepared by Stephanie, our experienced school cook.

Independent research, summarised in a new report ‘Good food for all’ reveals the success of five years of the Food for Life Partnership. The evidence from three independent research studies focuses in particular on four main areas of impact: children’s health, tackling inequalities, improving education, and local enterprise and sustainability.

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel Outstanding Award

Holy Trinity was awarded the outstanding level of the Sustainable Travel scheme, run by Transport for London and the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames, that encourages schools to develop a school travel plan. Holy Trinity has developed a school travel plan that met all criteria for the ‘sustainable’ level. To meet the outstanding accreditation level the school showed a higher level of participation in sustainable travel initiatives provided by our local authority and TfL, combined with a more innovative approach to our travel plan and related actions, consultation and monitoring.

International Schools Award Logo International Schools Award

International Schools Award at Silver Level

The International School Award (ISA) is a prestigious accreditation scheme, managed by the British Council. The Award recognises and celebrates schools that are committed to developing international partnerships which enrich the curriculum and help young learners to become global citizens.

Connecting Classrooms is the name of the scheme that enables participating schools to achieve the ISA, by providing the structure and experience needed to satisfy the criteria for application. By actively participating in this scheme through maintaining links with schools in Chile (Santiago), Spain (Barcelona) and Switzerland (Zurich), Holy Trinity has achieved the silver level of this accreditation.

As a result of participating in this scheme, and the benefits derived from the many visits made to some of the schools, Holy Trinity has introduced Spanish as the school’s foreign language which is now taught to all children.

Healthy School

Healthy School

The National Healthy Schools Programme supports the links between health, behaviour and achievement; it is about creating healthy and happy children and young people, who do better in learning and in life.

National Healthy School Status is achieved within a rigorous quality assurance framework. All schools achieving National Healthy School Status must have met national criteria using a whole school approach across the four core themes:

  • Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), including SRE and drugs education
  • Healthy Eating
  • Physical Activity
  • Emotional Health and Wellbeing, including bullying

The four core themes relate to both the school curriculum and the emotional and physical learning environment in school. Each theme includes a number of criteria that schools need to fulfil in order to achieve National Healthy School Status.

extended school works

Extended School

An extended school works with the local authority, local providers and other schools to provide access to a core offer of integrated services:

  1. a varied range of activities including study support, sport and music clubs, combined with childcare in primary schools
  2. parenting and family support
  3. swift and easy access to targeted and specialist services
  4. community access to facilities including adult and family learning, ICT and sports grounds.

There is evidence that extended services can help to:

  • improve pupil attainment, self-confidence, motivation and attendance;
  • reduce exclusion rates;
  • better enable teachers to focus on teaching and learning;
  • enhance children’s and families access to services.


We have received this mark as we have:

  • the percentage of our pupils participating in at least two hours high quality PE and school sport each week is significantly above the national average
  • we have a sports day
  • we bettered the national average for pupils involved in sports leadership and participating in sports clubs linked to their school.


Holy Trinity has the Bronze award as we have:

  • identified an action team that has met on at least two occasions;
  • an action team that has completed an environmental review;
  • produced a basic action plan and shared the plan with the rest of the school community;
  • identified progress towards achieving elements of the action plan;
  • indicated that some environmental issues have been covered within curriculum work; and
  • a prominent, designated noticeboard, web pages or newsletter which details Eco-Schools activities.