How Can you Help?

How can you help?

We’ll tell you how – any way you want! We are so grateful to our fantastic parent body for all their help and support but we can always use more.

Do you have a skill you can offer? Do you have some great contacts for prize donations? Can you help out in class? Can you come and party with us at one of our events?

Whoever you are and whatever you do, we need you! So catch us in the playground, drop us a line at or fill out the form below. Your PTA needs you!

Volunteers Form

Do you have links to the school?


Events Next 7 Days

Thu Dec 14 @09:00 - 03:30PM
Nativity Performance
Mon Dec 18 @18:00 - 08:00PM
Evening Carol Service for Juniors
Tue Dec 19 @09:00 - 03:30PM
Christmas Lunch
Wed Dec 20 @14:15 -
End of Term 2.15pm finish